Top Reasons Why Office Cleaning in Perth should be Considered

All companies, whether big or small, understand how important office cleaning in Perth is. Professional services that offer commercial cleaning in Perth have been a popular option by many entrepreneurs not only because it allows them to focus more of their time on managing and running their business, but it also gives them a lot of advantages.

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In many ways, commercial cleaning companies can help you save time, effort and money as well. Besides, employing regular janitors can be a more expensive option if you think about the money you spend on monthly salaries of your employees compared to the amount you pay for office cleaners. Of course, you don’t pay your commercial cleaners weekly or monthly. Rather, you only pay them minimally whenever you need their services, which mean they are more cost-efficient.

Another great benefit of hiring a commercial cleaning company is the quality of cleaning service they provide. Professional cleaning companies are a group of experts so you can rest assured that they will give your office the best cleaning results. They can make your office sparkling clean which creates a good image of your business. Also, they help keep your workplace a healthy place for everyone, where you and your employees will be free from sickness and allergies.

Overall, hiring a commercial cleaning service is a smart choice for businesses. The money you spend on such a service is truly worth the benefits your business gets from it.


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Best Perth Businesses: How to Start an Investment

Having a business in Perth is a good option considering how a regular salary cannot completely support you. It is also a good avenue if you want to get rid of your nine-to-five job. While it may difficult to start your own business, you just need effort and hard work to succeed, other than the capital of course.

Best Perth Businesses

In Perth, various types of businesses are on the rise. Whether you want to start your consultancy or recruitment agency, sell clothes and other dry goods or have your online business you can manage at home, the sky is the limit.

But how you would you really start your business? Focus on your passion!

Considering the businesses you can easily jump into, you just need to start what works for you best. Think of a business where you will enjoy implementing your values and knowledge. Think of a business where you can see yourself investing for a lifetime.

After having an idea of what business in Perth WA you like to start, consider your target market. Who are they? How are you going to reach them? Remember, your customers are the foundation of your investment. Without them, there is no way you will be successful in your venture.

Another thing you need to consider is getting the right people. Hire employees who will understand what your target market needs. They should be as passionate as you in running your business and understand the goals you like to achieve. Moreover, they should have a credible background and knowledge that would help your business to prosper.

Having your own business may be difficult and a bit far-fetched right now, but if you will just start making actions and see things in perspective, success is just within reach. And remember, hard work and effort should always go hand in hand. Happy investing!


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This is what it (really) takes to create a successful blog

A decade ago, many people roll their eyes when they hear someone telling them that he blogs for a living. But nowadays, you can name some family members or friends who get a paycheck for sitting on the internet all day and writing.

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There are a number of reasons why people blog. Blogging has quickly become one of the most popular ways of communicating and spreading information. Today, you can find millions of blogs online and standing out and getting noticed is a tough challenge especially for new, inexperienced bloggers.

Blogging is also a great way to express yourself and share your passion. If you want your voice to get heard about your thoughts, feelings, and ideas, you can create your own blog for it. You can use your blog to connect and network with other people who share the same passions, whether your passion is business, personal finance, cooking, politics, photography, or marketing.

If you want to support a case, blogging can also be a smart way. Especially nowadays that more and more people spend a lot of their times online, garnering support and spreading awareness can be easier. Whether it’s a political, environmental or social cause, a blog is a great way to build awareness and garner support.

Blogging for business has now become a popular trend not only for large corporations but for small and medium-sized businesses in Perth as well. Businesses create blogs primarily to expand their online presence, connect with potential customers, promote their brand in a positive conversation, and even generate online revenue.

If you love writing and you feel that you’re good at it, you can actually promote your self by using your blog as your online portfolio. This way you can showcase your writing skill and experience and get the attention of industry insiders and earn you recognition as an authoritative source and thought-leader.

However, before you achieve all these things we’ve discussed, you first need to know what it takes to create a successful blog. Read this post to know how to do it:

ANZ email scam could allow criminals to steal your entire life savings

Email is an excellent communication tool used by businesses and private professionals. It is used by companies in informing you about their products and services. It is also used by people as a fast, convenient way to communicate.

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Email scam

On the other hand, email can also be used to deliver unwanted material. Frequently, it is used by people to deliver annoying and at worst, malicious materials which may cause considerable harm not only to your computer or mobile device but your personal privacy.

Some malicious emails are in the form of a spam or junk email. In fact, the vast majority of email sent on a daily basis these days are unsolicited junk mails. The most common example is advertising, which commonly includes pornography, dating, advertising, or gambling. There are also other forms of spam emails that offer you something that could make you get rich quickly. Keep in mind that if it’s too good to be true, then it’s a hoax.

There are a number of ways criminals can obtain your email address and it is important for you to know them so that you’ll know how to stay away from those. Criminals often use automated software to generate addresses. Or, they entice people to enter their details on fraudulent websites or invite them to click through to fraudulent websites posing as spam email cancellation services. Some criminals buy email lists from spammers.

Spotting spam emails should not be difficult. First and obvious sign of spam is when you don’t know who the sender is. If the sender is not in your contact list, you should already start wondering. In addition, if it contains misspellings like (for example ‘p0rn’ with a zero) designed to fool spam filters, it must be spam. And just like we’ve mentioned earlier, if it makes an offer that seems too good to be true, then you should get rid f it.

A simple email scam may not sound alarming but it is dangerous that it may steal your entire life savings. For more on email scams, check this out:

Bus company fined after treating drivers as contractors instead of employees

Once you hire your first employees, you already can call yourself as an “employer”. However, as an employer, you have some responsibilities to your employees, and to all future employees, relating to compensation. These responsibilities are codified under federal, state, and local laws.

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One of your obligations as an employer is to keep your employees safe. You must provide all workers with a safe, healthy place in which to work, under the provisions of the. This law applies to all employers. You need to ensure that your workplace is safe and clean so that it will not be a danger to your employees’ health. If your employees are under 18 years old, you have responsibilities to keep them safe – this is based on child labour laws.

Another responsibility is to treat your employees fairly. Treating employees fairly in the workplace is not just a moral responsibility. It is also necessary to ensure maximum company productivity and in the long-run, growth and success. When an employee is treated unfairly, it results in decreased employee morale.

You also must pay your employee his final paycheck as soon as possible when he leaves or terminated. It should be no longer than 30 days after termination (some states require more prompt payment).

More importantly, you should pay your employees properly. They spend time and effort working for your company so it is vital for you to pay them at least the minimum wage, depending on your employee’s skills and amount of working time (unless the employee receives tips or is somehow not subject to minimum wage.) If the employee is exempt and he or she is paid below a specific amount, you must pay that exempt employee overtime.

Employees who work for you for regular hours should not be treated as contractors. Rather, they should be treated as regular employees. Otherwise, you will be fined just like what happened to a bus company doing such.

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Employing Staff

We can all agree that running a business is never an easy task. You may be able to operate your small business on your own for a short period of time, but as it grows you will need some help from other people. Hence, you’ll need to employ staff.

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Employing staff

But before bringing just anyone on board, you need to understand that extra manpower entails a whole new string of legal obligations, liabilities, expenses and paperwork. More importantly, you need to take it seriously as hiring other people to your business can make or break your business.

When looking for new employees, it is also important for you to be prepared. You need to prepare yourself well for the interviews and ensure you have done your homework. This means finding a list of questions for people to answer and asking each applicant the same question. Depending on the answer to each question, you should be able to analyse the applicants and compare between each one.

Trusting your instincts is a big NO when it comes to hiring new employees. Keep in mind that it is possible for someone who has criminal records and without valuable skills to hide in a uniform or job title. Do background checks. Normally, this search consists of confirmation of prior employment claims, determination of worker’s compensation claims and criminal and incarceration records, drug tests, credit history and driving record. You may also check their references and ask some relevant tough questions as this can be a good indication of how they perform under pressure.

Whatever position your business has to fill, it is important to pick the best and most qualified applicant – not only in terms of their skills but also in terms of their personality and character.

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How to turn your great idea into a cash-boosting business success

Small businesses don’t have to be small forever. Same is true to your business. Many giant corporations began small, at homes or even garages, grew rapidly to become large, multi-national corporations.

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Business idea

One of the most important factors in building a healthy, growing office is having good cash flow management. It is not complicated and is well worth the effort because it can help you avoid financial stumbles.

Running out of cash is the most common reason why companies go out of business. This does not always mean that sales or profits were problematic. Instead, the business simply did not have enough cash in its operating account to pay its employees and other vendor bills.

Typically, the reason why many small businesses fail because the entrepreneur fails to pay attention to the business’ cash, instead they are so focused on sales growth or profitability. The reason that if the business has sales, it also has to have cash. Unfortunately, this is wrong.

As a business owner, you need to look for ways on how to increase your cash flow. However, you need to change your practices to focus more on profit. First, you need to change your operating procedures. While reducing expenses, you have to generate more sales. And to increase sales, try cross-selling by offering new services or goods that complement your current offerings. On the flip side, try auditing your administrative functions to trim expenses.

For any small business, innovation is also another key to your success. Keep in mind that customers are always looking for higher quality products at the right price, which is what you should be innovative with what you are offering, whether it’s a product or service. Innovation attracts more customers and eases the marketing process.

Generally, the best way to earn more and grow your business is about having smart ideas. Continue reading at

Lock your phone in a safe: How the world’s most productive people avoid digital distractions

At almost every business conference here in Western Australia these days, digital distractions and their impact is a recent hot topic of discussion. Undoubtedly, it has affected several workplaces and how many small businesses and large corporation operates.

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Digital distractions

Workplace productivity is an essential recipe for your business growth and success. You will always want to maximise the return of labour and maximise waster hours. In many ways, technological advances have aided that pursuit, but they have also complicated an age-old problem. As the manager or business owner, it is your responsibility to combat productivity losses caused by disruptions and distractions.

Technology is not our enemy. However, according to certain studies, more than 30% of workers (especially in millennials) use their smartphones for personal activities up to two hours per working day. Overall, 69 per cent of full-time employees reports being distracted (and technology such as social media is one of the major culprits).

To fight against technological distractions, one effective solution is to develop proactive strategies and guidelines that give employees the chance to use technology effectively and without unnecessary distractions. Of course, we can’t totally ban technology and choose traditional practices with pen and paper. Hence, we should know how to control our employees by setting guidelines.

When they get bored, many employees resort to technology such as mobile games and social media as a distraction. This usually happens when they lack motivation at work. So, they’re more likely to pick up their phone and play a game or scroll through their Facebook newsfeed. You can counteract this by rewarding productivity.

One smart way to boost your employee’s motivation and capture their focus is by creating contests, competitions and challenges.

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Building an emergency fund

Preparation is very important in almost all aspects of life. It is important for us to be prepared for all types of situation especially that we can never know what the future holds for us.

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Saving for the rainy days

With regards to your financial preparation, having an emergency fund is extremely important in keeping you prepared to deal with what life brings, whether good or bad.

Making an emergency fund one of your most important savings priorities is a smart idea. Imagine by simply putting a small amount of $10 a week in your emergency fund, your money will grow to about $500 in a year. Normally, that’s enough to cover a repair bill or emergency travel. An emergency fund can also shield you from the high cost of borrowing, and keep you from hydroplaning into debt.

One of the reasons why people set an emergency fund up is to avoid borrowing. An emergency fund can give you more financial space to keep you afloat in a time of need. During financial emergencies, you don’t have to rely on credit cards or take out high-interest loans. This is especially important if you already have these obligations.

Building an emergency fund may seem overwhelming to some, especially those who have low income, but the truth is, it doesn’t have to be difficult. To begin with, you should set a monthly savings goal. This will get you into the habit of saving regularly and will make the task less daunting. One way to do this is by automatically transferring funds to your savings account each time you get paid.

If you don’t earn that much, you need to look for additional income. If you have extra time and willpower, you can have a supplemental income like an additional job or selling unused items to earn extra money.

There are many other ways to make building your emergency fund easier. For more on such type of fund, check this out:

Leave, lifestyle and loyalty: Employers offer incentives to retain workers

Employees are one of the most important assets of any business (more especially the top talents). They are difficult to find and even more difficult to keep. Those who performing the best are the most sought after type of employees.

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Retain your employees

Many business owners and managers have put incredible amount of money, time and effort into their recruiting strategy to finding the perfect person for each open position in their organisation. While recruiting techniques have evolved, retention (and engagement) strategies remain the most challenging task to the modern workforce.  Many companies are still frustrated when trying to manage their turnover rates.

According to several researches, the needs of today’s workforce have changed. People are now more concerned with opportunity, growth and learning than. With this in mind, business owners can easily implement retention strategies today to ensure that when their best employees walk out the door at the end of the day, that they’re not walking into the doors of competitors.

The first step to keep your employees satisfied and happy is by meeting their basic needs. If their base needs are being met, your employees will never be interested in any of your retention methods. Sure, no one can reach self-actualization before their physiological and safety needs are fulfilled. You need to offer them stability in your working environment with a market salary that allows them to live sustainably.

Another way to keeping your employees is by meeting them regularly. Being responsive validates employee performance and that’s why follow up is a necessity to employee engagement. You should exercise habitual follow up and an open forum relationship among your employees.

In addition to these two, some employers offer their employees incentives. Business owners use incentives to encourage, recognise and reward exceptional performance in their workers. Typically, this surpasses standard salary and benefit agreements.

Incentives indeed can help in keeping your employees. If you want to learn more on how to use employees’ incentives to keep your employees and get other benefits, read this article:

How to protect yourself with strong online passwords

As many people, companies and a lot of factors join the cyber space, online security is becoming a complex and diverse subject. The online industry has grown a lot, and it has brought us both advantages and disadvantages.

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Our ability to take advantage of online opportunities should go hand in hand with online security tips. These tips can help us ensure that everything you do online is secure. There are a number of security tips that everyone who uses the internet must keep in mind.

The first tip you can use for your online security is to be aware of the people you meet online. Do not trust anyone who you meet online with your computer or social media information.

Do not fully trust your so-called “online friends” especially those who you’ve just met on social networking sites because one or a few of them could be scammers. Don’t allow them to easily exploit your trust and hack into your accounts with ease. By you just giving them your email details, they can steal your persona and solicit products or even spread malware to other unsuspecting friends.

Secondly, you also need to have the latest anti-virus to defend your computer. Ensure that you have all the current software and antivirus updates and are keeping informed about online advancements within your browser.

Another security tip is making sure that you have a strong, unique password. You need create a password that has a variety of symbols, numbers, and letters that cannot be easily decoded because it is important. The longer the password, the better – when compared to short passwords, longer, complex passwords are way better. However, you need to make sure not to forget your password.

Passwords are normally the first line of defence for people who want to protect social media account, mobile banking, etc. To learn more about passwords and security, read this:

9 strategic ways to use social media to drive brand awareness

There are a number of ways how your business can make use of social media to your advantage. It can give you the perfect opportunity to reaching your target audience and build your brand, whether it’s customer support, social selling, or content marketing.

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Social media branding

However, it can be challenging for you to set your brand apart and carve out your place in giant social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This is because there are so many available platforms nowadays and there is heavy competition in all of them.

Making sure that your brand is represented the way you want it to on social media is important. First, you need to choose the right network. If you’ve been active on certain social media platforms, but you’re not gaining any traction, it may be something to reconsider. With hundreds of social media apps out there, and new ones popping up every day, it’s tempting to jump into all of them. However, you need to pick one that suits your company. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to make progress.

In social media marketing, visuals play an important role. If each of your profiles looks like they’re owned by a different company, it disconnects your brand from your users. Be consistent across all channels.

Once you’ve already learned how to use the right visuals, the next step is to keep your topics consistent. Finding blog posts, videos and other content to share with your audience may sound easy but, many businesses go into it blindly without creating a strategy or guidelines for what topics to share. Meanwhile, don’t let your timeline become filled with a random mix of posts about five or six completely different topics. Avoid that mistake by streamlining your efforts.

There are many other strategic ways you can use social media to drive brand awareness. Read this blog post for more details: