Employing Staff

We can all agree that running a business is never an easy task. You may be able to operate your small business on your own for a short period of time, but as it grows you will need some help from other people. Hence, you’ll need to employ staff.

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Employing staff

But before bringing just anyone on board, you need to understand that extra manpower entails a whole new string of legal obligations, liabilities, expenses and paperwork. More importantly, you need to take it seriously as hiring other people to your business can make or break your business.

When looking for new employees, it is also important for you to be prepared. You need to prepare yourself well for the interviews and ensure you have done your homework. This means finding a list of questions for people to answer and asking each applicant the same question. Depending on the answer to each question, you should be able to analyse the applicants and compare between each one.

Trusting your instincts is a big NO when it comes to hiring new employees. Keep in mind that it is possible for someone who has criminal records and without valuable skills to hide in a uniform or job title. Do background checks. Normally, this search consists of confirmation of prior employment claims, determination of worker’s compensation claims and criminal and incarceration records, drug tests, credit history and driving record. You may also check their references and ask some relevant tough questions as this can be a good indication of how they perform under pressure.

Whatever position your business has to fill, it is important to pick the best and most qualified applicant – not only in terms of their skills but also in terms of their personality and character.

To learn more about how to properly employ staff to your business, read this: https://www.smallbusiness.wa.gov.au/business-advice/employing-staff