Lock your phone in a safe: How the world’s most productive people avoid digital distractions

At almost every business conference here in Western Australia these days, digital distractions and their impact is a recent hot topic of discussion. Undoubtedly, it has affected several workplaces and how many small businesses and large corporation operates.

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Digital distractions

Workplace productivity is an essential recipe for your business growth and success. You will always want to maximise the return of labour and maximise waster hours. In many ways, technological advances have aided that pursuit, but they have also complicated an age-old problem. As the manager or business owner, it is your responsibility to combat productivity losses caused by disruptions and distractions.

Technology is not our enemy. However, according to certain studies, more than 30% of workers (especially in millennials) use their smartphones for personal activities up to two hours per working day. Overall, 69 per cent of full-time employees reports being distracted (and technology such as social media is one of the major culprits).

To fight against technological distractions, one effective solution is to develop proactive strategies and guidelines that give employees the chance to use technology effectively and without unnecessary distractions. Of course, we can’t totally ban technology and choose traditional practices with pen and paper. Hence, we should know how to control our employees by setting guidelines.

When they get bored, many employees resort to technology such as mobile games and social media as a distraction. This usually happens when they lack motivation at work. So, they’re more likely to pick up their phone and play a game or scroll through their Facebook newsfeed. You can counteract this by rewarding productivity.

One smart way to boost your employee’s motivation and capture their focus is by creating contests, competitions and challenges.

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